Persona 5 Crossover Event

The most hyped mobile role-playing game, The Nier Reincarnation x Persona 5 Crossover Event Announced.

The game makers Square Enix and developer Applibot announced their collaboration with Persona 5 Royal, during the 11th live stream of Nier Reincarnation on 5th September.

Also said, as a part of the collab, Joker and Queen will be seen as pickups in the game which is releasing on Sept 8.


What is Nier’s Reincarnation?

NieR Reincarnation is a free-to-play mobile game, that is supported by microtransactions and marks one of the projects remembering the 10th anniversary of the NieR series.

The game was first announced on 29 March 2020 during the Niconico live streaming along with NieR Replicant.

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How is the Game Designed?

The game features a mysterious character named Girl of Light, who awakens in an unknown location called a cage.

The cage featured in the game is a purgatory-like place surrounded by labyrinthian corridors, massive stone structures, and great halls.

persona 5 crossovers

As the Girl of Light, you are paired with Mama, a little ghost-like creature that serves as your guide through The Cage.

The combat system offers alluring and peculiar storylines consisting of turn-based encounters where your characters and the enemy attack each other in succession until one group is stood victorious.


The Persona 5 Crossover Event

persona 5 crossovers

The game announced its launch via its official Twitter handle, which says, “The Persona 5 crossover event will begin on September 8th PST!”

The release of Nier Reincarnation was a bustling one, which got criticized by many people for its flashy graphics.

The game never pretended to lie not to get the player’s money. The game always included a menu full of icons that asked players for many purchases.


But now its collaboration with the most adorable Persona 5 crossovers is all ready to drag the attention of players with its new updates.


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