4g sim in 3g phone

There are so many people who have a 3g Android smartphone but 4G completely overtakes the 3g network.

A middle-class person suffers from high internet data pack, thanks to 4G it creates low price 4g comparison for all network companies and its benefits for all Indian internet users, only because of the 4G network every Indian middle-class person can use the Internet in 4g network with pay lowest data rate.

In this post, I am going to show you How to Use 4G SIM on 3G Phones. Now come to the point of how a 3g smartphone user can get the benefits from the 4G network.

In this trick, we’re talking about how to use a 4G SIM on a 3G smartphone.

You can use this trick that is mentioned below to make the 4G SIM card work on your 3G phone.

However, remember that you can use only 3G service and this would be considerably faster than the ones provided by the other service providers.

Your 3G smartphone should have these requirements

The 3G smartphone that you are using should have some requirements to execute this trick. The requirements are given below.
  •  Android 4.4 KitKat or above
  •  MediaTek or Qualcomm chipset.

How to check if your device has Mediatek or Qualcomm chipset?

  • Download the CPU-Z application.
  • Open the application and check at the top left side an image shows your device chipset.
  • If it is Mediatek or Qualcomm then you can go for further steps.

Steps to use the Jio 4G SIM card on 3G phones

  •  To use the Jio SIM card on any 3G phone, you need to follow these steps. Make sure to be careful before proceeding with these steps.
  •   First, download and install the MTK Engineering Mode app on your phone.
  •  This app will let you run an advanced Setup from the MTK phones’ Engineering Mode Menu. This is also known as Service Mode.
  •   Open the installed app or enter the mobile-specific code for Engineering Mode.
  •    Tap on the MTK Settings and Select Preferred Network Option.
  •   Then, you need to choose the network mode from 4G LTE, WCDMA, or GSM. You can save it and restart your phone.
PLEASE NOTE: We will not be responsible if anything goes wrong during the process. Users should proceed at their own risk.



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