set free jio caller tune

If you’re a Jio user and unable to set free Jio Caller tune multiple times in a month then let me tell you, Jio set the limit in changing Caller tune. You can only change your Jio Caller tune only 1 time in a month or you need to pay 49/month for the Jio Caller tune set multiple times, right.

But, Today I will show you how to change Jio Tune unlimited times in a month and it’s completely free.

I am also a Jio user and sometimes I mistakenly set the Jio Caller tune that I don’t like or sometimes I find the Better one Best caller tune for Jio and I want to set and Activate the Jio caller tune right now.

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But, again. I can’t Change my Jio Caller Tune If I already changed it in a month. So, Let’s solve this issue. Just Follow All my simple steps to change Jio tune Unlimited times in a month or even change unlimited times in a day.


How to Set Free Jio Caller Tune Unlimited Times

If you want to Change Jio Caller tune Frequently for Free then you need to follow my steps. All steps are simple and you just need an active Recharge plan for change or make the caller tune in to Jio Number.

Tip: Don’t over-use this trick to change the Jio Caller tune unnecessarily multiple times, just change your Caller tune Whenever you want. Now let’s get straight into the steps.

Step 1. Install My Jio App

set free jio caller tune

I know you have Jio Saavn Application and you can change Jio Tune a single time in a month.

But You have to install My Jio Application on your Android if you want to change Jio Caller tunes unlimited times, so Firstly install My Jio App and if My Jio App is already installed in your Device then make sure to update the App.

Install My Jio App[TechsableAds]

Step 2. Open My Jio App and Click on Jio Tunes

JioTunes Free

After Installing, Open My Jio Application and click on JioTunes. You can easily find this option on My Jio App homepage.


Step 3. Search and set as Jiotune

set free jio caller tune

Now, you can Pick a Jio tune from the list or you can simply search the Jio Tune as I searched for Charlie Puth Attention song. So Search your Jio Tune here and simply click on Set as JioTune.


Step 4. JioTune Set Successfully

set free jio caller tune

As you can see how easy is to change JioTune unlimited times for free using the My Jio app. Just follow this method to Change your Jiotune unlimited times whenever you want.


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