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In this Post, I am going to show you How to Remove Duplicate Files From Android Smartphones.

There were millions of people using an Android phone and this becomes a part of a life now, you can forget everything but smartphone naa..!!!

Lets come to the point without wasting time, we all are using sd card or internal storage to store the data in android and sometimes using a cloud service for protecting precious data, my point is these days everybody using minimum 16gb of storage in SD Card, internal storage and cloud so there is hard to manage the data every day and if decide to manage the all data one by one it takes too much and time is money as we all know that.

I am using internet whole day and I don’t know how many same application download how many times or taking from  someone, for the name of cleaning I am using a junk cleaner which clears the cache and junk files from the device but I don’t have time to remove one by one those files exist in other 2-3 folders.

So how can I remove these files, what to do?

I am talking about an android application allows you to delete the same file exist multiple times, you need to open the application and scan- any storage and this app will show you all the same files exist multiple times and you can select which you want to delete and delete it, how simple is Lifehacker.







The revolutionary tool to explore, analyze, manage and clean your cloud and device storage.
Supported services are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, BOX, and MEGA.
With this app you will be able to:
1 – See which files or folders are using most of your storage
2 – Know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc)
3 – Find duplicates
4 – Know which files have been changed and when
5 – Search for files
6 – And much more…
You can also use Unclouded as a regular cloud file explorer.
All of this you can do while offline! You just have to sync the file list, and you’re good to go.
★ “Unclouded App Lets You See What’s Eating Up Your Cloud Storage” – TechCrunch
★ “Unclouded Is A Gorgeous Way To Manage Your Dropbox And Google Drive Space” – Android Police
★ “Use Unclouded to analyze storage in Dropbox and Google Drive” – c|net
★ “Unclouded Finds Out What’s Eating Your Google Drive and Dropbox Space” – Lifehacker.

How to Remove Duplicate Files From Android Smartphones. Unclouded - Cloud Manager- screenshot


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